Are you a Growth-Minded Individual or Entrepreneur Struggling to Create What You Want in Your Life or Business? 

Do you feel frustrated and tired of…

  • Negative beliefs & energies holding you back
  • Inability to get the right things done
  • Procrastinating and wasting valuable time
  • Self-sabotaging your results
  • Not being able to get important things done
  • Underearning in your job or busines

    Your school and society didn’t prepare you to be resourceful and creative and turn obstacles into opportunities. Or stay strong and resilient while dealing with numerous challenges.

    These are all skills you need to grow and explore as an individual or an entrepreneur. 
    And if you have trauma from childhood, negative beliefs and energies can lock up your strengths, impede your decisions and make you avoid challenging actions. All of which makes it hard for you to create your dreams. To be independent, travel for long periods of time, or create a business you love.

Fortunately, there is a Powerful Process to Reclaim Your Freedom & Power

Hi, I’m Richard Atkinson. I’ve been a personal growth-minded entrepreneur since my early twenties.

I know the pain of being held back by childhood trauma. And I’ve experienced the stress and failure of being an entrepreneur. I learned how to let go of negative thinking and energies to make more money in my businesses.

That’s why I have combined my years of business experience with deep training in energy transformation coaching to create intuitive breakthrough coaching for growth-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. 

I help you find the biggest inner blocks holding you back and release them.

Then working together we find the best strategies for you to move forward. I support and guide you to rehearse in your mind the breakthrough effectiveness of taking actions so you get the result you’re looking for.

That’s why I’ve conducted a deep study of what holds people back and how they can change their inner and outer game to be more effective and get the right things done in their lives and businesses. 

If you want to breakthrough and create what you love in your life or business, get a taste of what’s possible. 

Richard Atkinson - Self-Mastery Coach

How I Help My Client Make Breakthroughs

“I was in a transitional/growth phase with my company & career – at the pivotal turn where every inner demon attempts to stall you out and run you off course. After 30 years in the entertainment industry it was time for some Super-Powers to kick in. Richard helped me find them, identify them, and put them into practice! And that’s an understatement. If you want to harness your Super-Powers and Greatness… Richard will show you the door “it’s up to you to open it” 🙂 HE’S AWESOME!

Angela “Gigi” de Lugo
– Multi-award winning Music Publisher & Film Producer. 

“Have you ever talked with someone you know “gets “you? Has total understanding and compassion for where you are in your experience? Richard Atkinson can tap into your energy in an amazing way and ask you questions to raise you up to your highest awareness to create change in your reality. NOW! If you are seeking clarity in your experience, check him out!”

– Stacey Rousseau, Life Coach

“Richard Atkinson is a true master. His expertise, integrity and sound commitment towards clients is one of a kind. I highly recommend Richard to any business owner or corporate executive who wants to grow and make a real, sustainable transformation to their communication skills and business strategies.”
– Monica Arias, Neuro Leadership Coach

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