Let Go of What's Really Holding You Back, Activate Your Strengths & Take Effective Action with Ease

Hi, I’m Richard Atkinson. I bring over 40 years of spiritual and personal development experience and training to empower entrepreneurs and growth-minded individuals to master their life and business.

You’ll be guided to let go of internal blocks. holding you back. And develop greater self-awareness and self-discipline. You’ll be able to see what needs to be seen and do what needs to done. 
Bottom line… 

Feel more alive and full of joy as you create what you love. 

Crossing the Bosphorus
Crossing the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia

What you'll gain on your journey...

Uncover and release hidden blocks that keep you from moving forward.

I will guide you to become aware of and release limiting thoughts, feelings, and energies that have been interfering with your ability to clearly see what needs to be done,
take action with greater ease and effectiveness, and be open to receiving more of what you love in your life and business.

Become more who you need to be to create more of what you love.

Gain global self-mastery in mind, body, and spirit to become who you need to be. So you can create what you love. I work with clients to develop the three key transformations of
self-mastery,… Self awareness, self-dicipline, and self empowerment. Through a series questions and intuitive guidance, you will gain a deeper understanding and felt sense of who you truly are authentically, in min-body and spirit.

Develop your self-mastery to powerfully  see the best strategies and take effective action.

Know and fully embrace with full power, and intention, the life and business strategies, the daily tactics, and the creative flow of action to create what you love in your life and business.

What clients say about me...

“I was in a transitional/growth phase with my company & career – at the pivotal turn where every inner demon attempts to stall you out and run you off course. After 30 years in the entertainment industry it was time for some Super-Powers to kick in. Richard helped me find them, identify them, and put them into practice! And that’s an understatement. If you want to harness your Super-Powers and Greatness… Richard will show you the door “it’s up to you to open it” 🙂 HE’S AWESOME!

Angela “Gigi” de Lugo
– Multi-award winning Music Publisher & Film Producer. 

“Have you ever talked with someone you know “gets “you?
Has total understanding and compassion for where you are in your experience? Richard Atkinson can tap into your energy in an amazing way and ask you questions to raise you up to your highest awareness to create change in your reality. NOW! If you are seeking clarity in your experience, check him out!”

– Stacey Rousseau, Life Coach

“Richard Atkinson is a true master.
His expertise, integrity and sound commitment towards clients is one of a kind. I highly recommend Richard to any business owner or corporate executive who wants to grow and make a real, sustainable transformation to their communication skills and business strategies.”
– Monica Arias, Neuro Leadership Coach

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